For travelers flying, having to leave their car at the airport in long term parking, the thought of it may be a bit unnerving. Leaving their vehicle in some vast airport parking area for days, and perhaps weeks or more, can bring many concerns about the safety and well-being of their vehicle while they’re away.

It must be noted that parking in a long-term parking lot is a great deal safer, and much more convenient than it had been in the past.

With this being said, it is still wise for the traveler who will need to utilize long-term parking to bear in mind some factors that they should consider, as well as tips to follow when looking to find secure airport parking they are most comfortable with. For many travelers, airport parking rates, and how much to leave car at airport are secondary concerns, with safety being of primary importance.


Here is a checklist of things to look for in terms of safety in parking facilities suggested by Reddy Airport Parking, and what you can do to make your parking experience a safer one:


Park indoors if possible.

This has been proven to be the best facility in terms of safety for parking. It may cost much more, but could provide the peace of mind you need when leaving your car for longer periods of time.


Check Security measures taken in parking facilities.

See that this parking facility has:

  • Security cameras
  • Gated, fenced-in parking lots
  • 24/7 Security guards


Look for well-lit areas.

Indoor parking facilities are generally well-lit throughout all areas. Outdoor parking may have areas where lighting is not so good. Park underneath a light if possible, a much bigger deterrent for would-be thieves.


Don’t park on corners.

Drivers scanning for spots may not be paying enough attention when approaching corners of the lot, either overshooting or under-turning the corner, and little accidents can occur more in these areas.


Self-park your vehicle.

Some facilities offer valet parking for your vehicle, which can be a great convenience. But if you have concerns with others driving your vehicle, and/or leaving your keys with others while you’re away, park your vehicle yourself. Make sure to take note of the level number (if in multi-level parking) and the aisle or row number where you park, and write that down. It’ll make it so much easier to find your vehicle when you get back.


Remove or hide articles of any value that are in your vehicle.

Don’t leave anything of any value visible to passersby. Place items in the glove compartment, other compartments, or in the trunk. At the very least, cover them up so that they are not easily seen by anyone taking a peek inside the vehicle.

If a traveler has specific concerns about the security in a given location, all parking facilities and companies operating these facilities have websites that outline all security measures they implement in their operations. They also provide customer service telephone numbers for travelers who may have additional questions.

Be sure to compare airport parking facilities and pricing, both on-site and off-site. Find the situation that is just right for you, and incorporate that into your overall travel planning and budgeting.

International Travel

Anyone traveling outside their nation’s boundaries should compile a checklist for international travel as they plan and pack, checking off each item as it is stowed away securely. Advice on what to remember to do and pack prior to departure from friends, relatives, co-workers, and others who have traveled internationally is a great resource for valuable information. And, of course, there are plenty of easily- accessed web pages that can provide comprehensive, printable checklists that will “cover all the bases” travelers need to make this part of the trip error-free.

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